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7 Web Design Trends to watch out in 2016

Web Design Trends in 2016

There is nothing wrong in saying that web design trends are forever fluctuating. One trend comes in, another goes out regularly. Varying factors are going to dominate such web design trends in the year 2016. Let us look out for some cool, impressive and quirky web design trends to watch out for this year.

Color Transformation & Typography

One change that many have been expecting is color transformation and typography. The importance of fonts and colors are known to professional web designers very clearly. This year, fonts and font sizes are expected to become fuller and colors are expected to go bolder into website creation.

Bigger and bolder colors have started to get more attention. The change is going to be in the type of colors being used. Expect color palettes which have a 1980s vibe, i.e. bigger and brighter color designs.

Cinemagraph to Dominate

Cinemagraphs are here to stay. These images now have instead become ‘live’ pictures. The biggest advantage with them is that they use up lesser bandwidth than videos, but still are able to create visual effects like a video which will appeal to any user’s eyes.

Static Images and Quirky Illustrations

It can just be a single picture or a series of pictures telling a story, thereby appealing to people. Along with this, superimposed text is likely to complement such pictures beautifully and thereby catching immediate attention and interest of the visitors.

Along with images, nowadays, the illustrations are the things in demand. These quirky illustrations are unique and thus are already popular. They are going to stay on trend this year too. Giving a creative, unconventional feel to it, such illustrations will provide a website an edge which won’t be easily duplicated by competitors.

Storytelling Features Introduction

This relatively newer design trend can let one change his perception of a website. Brands like Nike are already using this kind of feature for their websites. Introducing a product through storytelling is altogether a different idea which catches the attention of the user instantaneously.


Iconography is going to be the next big thing. As more and more designers release lively UI and icons which are easy to use, iconography will be the trendiest thing around. One major design with which designers are undertaking is oversized icons.

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