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5 Most Effective Ways a Mobile Commerce App can stand out in App Marketplace

Mobile eCommerce App Development

From retailers to B2B brands, all are vying to make their mobile commerce presence better, sharper and effective. As traditional eCommerce stores are increasingly transporting themselves over the mobile apps, mobile eCommerce is on the verge of becoming the mainstream of eCommerce as a whole. Naturally, a vast majority of web stores almost made it a near-perfect science to shape a robust and engaging mobile eCommerce presence.

While most of the competitor mobile commerce apps are doing the right thing at the right time, getting discovered on the app marketplace seems tougher than ever, right? But still, there are a lot of elements that can be fine-tuned to ensure that your mobile eCommerce app gets discovered quickly and gain good acquisition numbers.

Actually, to win the tough turf of competition at app marketplace you need to perfect several things at the same time. Consider these 5 most effective ways your mobile commerce business can be more discoverable and stand out from the crowd of mobile commerce apps.

1. Innovative and reliable app UX

We all know that products make the ultimate deliverables for a retail business, isn’t it? But creating value with a product has its limit. In mobile commerce, besides creating value with core business deliverables you need to ensure a rewarding user experience. Consider the following tips for a great user experience in your mobile commerce app.

• Ease of browsing your products with high-quality images, sliders, and neat visually optimized description.
• Faster loading and response time for all product images, video contents and accompanying text is crucial.
• Always allow multiple filters to view the products they need right at that time. It also prevents futile usage of time.
• Do not offer too many options at a time as this may lead to confusion and more bounce rate. Every page should offer a limited number of options.

2. Creating consistent brand image

Your app interface should offer a highly consistent look and feel coherent to your business brand. Moreover, it is the voice and tone a business developed over the years will make an identification for it on the app marketplace as well. A retailer after coming with the mobile app for his business should present his business brand to its customers and in look and feel it cannot be different from the original retail store. To maintain consistency in every aspect, here are few important tips we mention.

• The app must offer a visually consistent look and feel down to every minute detail including colors and graphic elements.
• It must represent the same brand message whether in the description, brand slogan, caption or in about us section.
• The app design must incorporate the typical business aspects or product line your business is known of.
• Every business has some unique aspects that can add to their branding elements. Handmade products, niche homegrown product range, custom packaging or humorous moods associated with your deliverables, all these brand elements that can add a distinct flair should also be incorporated in your mobile commerce app design.

3. Wearable presence

Wearable in the last two years has evolved into the device for next round of app ecosystem to revolve around. If you are into mobile eCommerce, this is high time to take a positive stance in relation to wearable. With a native app for your smartphone, you can easily be one of the few m-ecommerce brands having a wearable presence. How can a wearable app allow more discoverability for your mobile commerce app? Well, look at these considerations for a clear idea.

• With contextual push notifications on their wrist-hugging devices, you can always target and re-target your audience better and get more noticed.
• You can design a wearable app that besides showcasing your brand can also offer something personally useful like a notebook app, a productivity calendar, an image slider album within the app. This can help associating more value with your wearable presence.

4. Let social credibility push your app

By building social credibility around your brand, products and customers you can always get yourself noticed better. At a time when social reviews influence buying decisions more than anything, you cannot do anything without building your social credibility. To showcase your social credibility on your mobile commerce app, here are some effective ways.

• Showcasing celebrity endorsement is a good way to build credibility around your brand. You should always highlight celebrities or well-known personalities using your products.
• Customer reviews can be effective as long as you dare to be truthful by publishing both good and bad reviews. Remember, one-sided praises are mostly perceived as fake and they are counterproductive. Rather a balanced approach with a mix of both good and bad reviews can be effective.
• Lively images showcasing your users adoring your products can give your site a real life credibility. This is also useful to address target audience with images of users belonging to that same group.
• Always encourage your visitors to like a product and share comments without really purchasing them. Show the count of these ‘Likes’ in product listings as well.

5. VR-based shopping app

Most customers buying products through mobile app still feel the typical absence of real-life store ambiance. This is one of the reasons still, the bulk of the retailers still prefer offline stores. Well, what about offering a real life shopping experience right over the mobile screen? Yes, the emergence of virtual reality coupled up with 360 degree 3D imaging techniques finally equipped us to offer a standout shopping experience through a mobile app.

• You can leverage VR experience for mobile commerce through a VR-based shopping app.
• You can offer robust VR-based apps to leverage shopping experience over optically mounted VR gadgets.

Develop mobile eCommerce app to give a unique flair and at the same time maintaining perfection in all standard features and design elements will be the key for becoming more discoverable in the app stores and engage more audience.

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