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How Much does it Cost to Develop a Mobile Application?

Mobile Application Development Cost

For any business firm to achieve success in today’s competitive market, it is of utmost importance to come up with an efficiently designed app. However, app development is a truly comprehensive task that requires a lot of effort and you should not imagine that it can be achieved without spending a good part of your revenue in it. Like anything else, how good your app turns out to be depends on how much you are ready to spend for it. So read on to find out more about the various steps of mobile application development and how they contribute to influence the final costs of the app itself.

To ensure that your mobile app has what it takes to achieve success in a highly competitive market; it needs to be developed only after strong conceptual foundation and proper planning. It should also have an excellent ecosystem as well as a top notch team of talented individuals who can take care of app design and app engineering phases. Unless all of these elements are in place, you can never expect to have the optimum ROI that you expect with your app.

  • One of the first steps that helps in coming up with a successful app involves doing your research. You need to come up with an excellent app concept that is unique and different from others that are already in the market. Thinking about your app strategy in advance also helps you to identify certain core areas that you need to focus on and how the app is going to perform in the market both in short and long term cases.
  • The other important thing that you will need to decide on is the platform for which it is to be built. All Android, iOS and Windows devices have got their very own operating systems which are further characterized by their individual programming languages and native SDKs. So by clearly stating your targeted market segment you can decide which platform you need to develop your app for. The costs of the app will be influenced by the platform that you are choosing to develop it for.
  • After you have decided on your team, the next step that is involved in the making of the app is designing its basic aspects. Conceptual work starts by sketching out all the key functional areas, which is further followed by the detailed wireframes as well as the visual design. Coming up with such steps can and do involve a lot of effort. Sometimes it may even take two to four months, depending on the complexity of the app. The app development at this stage may also require a lot of revision and rethinking of all basic elements. While some clients are often in a rush to move through this stage quickly, this is hardly advisable as it can lead to the development of a faulty product. Hence it is always better to work through the wrinkles of development at an early stage, instead of increasing the production costs at a later stage by harboring mistakes.
  • It is always good to invest in usability testing as it provides with the right kind of feedback that the development team needs to know that they are on the perfect track. There are a number of tools that can be used for creating the working prototypes. Some of these can also create slides by stitching together multiple screens.
  • Once the basic aspects are in right place, additional testing can be carried out through crowdsourcing, focus groups as well as friends and family who fit the demographic you intend to appeal to. What is important during this phase is that you should be prepared to perform as many changes and edits as required to get the app into its perfected stage. Before you start with the coding of your app, you should make sure that it perfectly meets the needs of your targeted users. All of these do require investment on your part, even though it is truly worth your effort.
  • The design phase is concluded by prototype testing, after which it is time to proceed with development of the software. Similar to the design phase, you need to have a team of efficient coders who can turn your app idea into a success. Although you will still have to work with mockups, you will still need professional coders to turn your app into what it is meant to be. Experienced engineers and software architects can help you to avoid unnecessary delays and keep bugs to the minimum, as well as ensure that your app is scaled and optimized for the best performance. While this stage will require you to invest a bit more, having their talents to work for your app development project is always a good idea.
  • Once your app is ready, you will need a cloud service provider that can host your app and also provide with the all necessary back end systems. While there are plenty of cloud service providers in the market, you will still need to find one that best matches the requirements of your company while at the same time helps you to maintain your budget. However, it is advisable not to be too stingy in this case as good cloud service providers do change a considerable about of money for their expertise and support. The cloud computing service provider should also present with reliable maintenance services that are in tune with the needs of your development team. The team should also be able to provide all requisite services such as bug fixing, downstream version testing and providing with updates.

Considering all of the above steps, it should be clear to you that developing an app is not a simple task and that a lot of money, effort and time goes behind creating a successful app. A team of at least seven to ten people are going to be working for your project. You should also keep in mind it may require you to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to make a high quality, enterprise class app.

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