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Migration from Android old version to Android Marshmallow

If you have been patiently waiting for an update to the current Android version, Marshmallow is here with a bang to make that wait end on a pleasant note. This version takes all those current features make a giant leap taking Google mobile OS to the next level.

Android Marshmallow is an extension to those core Android features, but yes there is still room left for further improvements and advancements. With not many still having hands over Android Lollipop, this is the version meant for the ones looking for a visual breakthrough and lots of add-ons in terms of security and usability.

Migration from Android old version to Android Marshmallow

A Quick Glance at the Changes/Upgrades/ Advancements

Migrating to Android Marshmallow holds some similarity to its predecessor, but what is really gripping here is that the design now is more persuasive. With enough improvements made in the UI, you are going to enjoy scrolling through the settings, controls, and notifications. Voice commands come fundamentally to this version and for this, some simple yet credible settings in the dialer shortcuts have been made. Voice is something that is completely fresh and interesting with android marshmallow making all this migration worth.

The app drawer in Android Marshmallow has gone through some big time changes and that paginated horizontal listing looks far better than it used to in Lollipop. Installing Marshmallow needs 2 clicks from your side, so with that two finger swipe, you will get this amazing new version that seems quite promising in contrast to the preceding ones. With Marshmallow you can:

  • Manage the volume even more naturally
  • Use fingerprint as security
  • Let the phone doze
  • Make text selection in an improved way
  • Monitor the memory usage

Marshmallow scores big on one more traits too; it allows you to back up almost anything and everything in the apps. With features such as doze, the performance level is all expected to ascend and this is yet another reason to make that migration.

You do not need to be an Android geek to make the most of this version, the controls are easy and access to these comes naturally. If you are not happy with the behavior of your device, go ahead and think of migrating to Android Marshmallow earnestly.

To know more about Marshmallow visit – http://www.android.com/versions/marshmallow-6-0/

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