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10 Impeccable Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

10 Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for Your Business


Whether you are a large conglomerate with several dominating brands or you are just a startup groping for penetration in the market, you invariably need to draw customer attention to your products and services, right? But how can you draw the attention of your target audience? Is so called media ads and a web presence is enough to grab their interest?

Well, the so-called media and outdoor ads are not only expensive but with the highly contested advertisement space and prime time media space, they can only draw flickering attention of the audience for a brief span of time. Most important of all, with all sorts of ads, the attention span of the audience remains too limited. Moreover, with digital time taking most of our time, especially of the mobile interface, the so-called advertisement remains no longer effective. So, it is clear that ads are no longer effective in the way they were until a decade before.

Web presence is still important for any business but with the mobile web becoming the mainstream of web, the difference between web and mobile apps is increasingly getting blurred. When a vast majority of your target audience is spending most of their leisure time on mobile, your business cannot undermine the importance of having a mobile presence. But how can your company have a robust mobile presence other than a mobile app? No, certainly there is no other effective way to ensure mobile presence than with a user focused app.

Smartphones and cluster of smart handheld devices including tablets and phablets offer a ready-in-hand, hyperactive and engaging way to interact with your customers and target audience. When the mobile app ecosystem is at the center of attention from customers and users of all niches, your business has to take part in it. Having a mobile app just like the web presence is increasingly becoming a necessity, not just an option.

Let us now explain the 10 impeccable benefits of developing a mobile app for your business.

1. Being in constant touch

The biggest advantage of mobile apps is that it allows the scope of constant interaction irrespective of the time, place and situation. You can browse products, make queries, express your concerns, enquire about your order and delivery and know about promotional offers, all from the same interface while you are on the move or at home or at the workplace. This ease of business interaction and being in touch makes it ideal for consumers to engage right from their device screen.

2. Predictive analysis

A business being connected to its customers through mobile app constantly get updated on user feedback, transactions, user behaviors, the buying trends of customers and even the location of the users. All these accumulatively make a huge resource for predictive business analytics. Mobile app user data offers very contextual insights about customer behaviors and this plays a crucial role in predicting the customer demands, any imminent business issue, and potential opportunities.

3. Gain loyalty of customers

Every business vies for gaining customer loyalty. Loyal customers are those who stick to a brand or company in their ‘high’ and ‘low’ times and that makes them valuable for any business. The quality of your deliverables and service apart, what else can drive customer loyalty for a business? Well, a constant interactive and caring presence make customers loyally engaged to a brand over time. When it comes to staying in constant touch, can you think of any way other than a business app? No, you cannot.

4. Mobile apps offer a level playing field for small businesses

The big brands may gain a lot of media exposure while small businesses are often seen to struggle for coming into the limelight. This is a cruel truth that bullish force of money plays a big part in developing a brand image. But, with the emergence of mobile apps, a level playing field has been created for businesses of variant sizes. Yes, a small business app can now beat a heavyweight brand at least in terms of user engagement. An intuitive interface with creative input can really do the trick.

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5. Boosting your social media presence

Do you know social media reviews for products and services are now considered more credible than others? Well, the rise of social media as most sought after business review platform also helped the proliferation of app ecosystem. Through which interfaces social media is accessed most? The answer would obviously be the mobile apps, right? Naturally, with your business being presented with a mobile app you get more opportunity to get social media views and reviews. Your business app will also help your social media presence.

6. Creating brand awareness

Where majority of the digitally educated individuals now spend most of their time? Yes, you guessed it right, we now spend most of our time indoor simply because mobile apps and mobile web together opened vistas of digital freedom for us. So, all the outdoor displays and ads that used to deliver brand image are now becoming ineffective. In the same way, traditional media is getting backseat due to stronger digital media. So, you need a mobile app to create brand awareness.

7. Promotions becoming more effective

Your so called coupons, takeaways, buyback offers, free gifts, lucky draws, discounts, special festive bash offers and promotional events will no longer remain in the lurch unnoticed by your target audience and customers. A mobile app on the customer’s device screen will keep them informed about offers, promotions, schemes, discounts, and events.

8. Location based marketing come true

Mobile devices come with powerful GPS sensors that can relay the user location to the apps. This capability of integrating location information coupled up with latest location-based technologies like Beacons made it extremely easier for businesses to send contextual push notifications to customers as per their location. Thanks to the mobile app, you can make a promotional offer to users whenever they come nearby to your store and thus can push sales.

9. Mobile payments made business transaction easier than ever

Most smartphones these days are coming with state of the art mobile payment technologies based on fingerprint authentication or face detection. This opened a new way of making cashless transactions while buying through a mobile app or in a physical store.

10. Backend support and customer service made better

Mobile apps also made customer service better and efficient in more ways than one. From real-time query answering to quick response mechanism based on a mobile app to tracking any service issue like order delay or service request, all now can be attended more swiftly thanks to mobile apps.

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