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Bending iPhone 6 Plus – An Issue that Affects Users and Apple alike

Controversies are part of any new launch of smartphones, especially when expectations are too high. So, it is no surprise that the word about bending of iPhone 6 Plus is making waves across the media and web for the past one week, since the dream phone reached the hands of the customers. If users’ experiences are to be believed, then this sturdy phone that seems to have been carved out from a single piece of glass and metal fused together seamlessly and is bigger than its predecessors in having a 4.7 inch screen, is prone to bending.

The issue gained momentum just two days ago when a video went viral, showing a person bending the phone iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands. To make the act convincing and credible, it was demonstrated in a busy square in Toronto. Leaving aside the purpose of the public show, there is no denying that iPhone 6 Plus is bendable. But the question that arises is – how does this matter?

Customer behavior is unpredictable

Considering the class of iPhone 6 Plus, it is quite expected that the user will handle the device with the kind of care and reverence that the genre deserves. But the problem is that you cannot predict and limit customer behavior. Ideal customer behavior is an illusion and you may find people slipping the iPhone 6 Plus in their back pockets. This would subject the device to extreme conditions of forceful bending and what could happen has already been demonstrated earlier.


Apple’s clarification

Striking a balance between the unpredictability of customer behavior and the device’s susceptibility to bending in extreme cases, Apple has issued an official statement on 26th September admitting that although they have received nine complaints about bending of iPhone 6 Plus from customers, it is an extremely rare happening for iPhone.

Test results

The claim is corroborated by the test results of Consumer Reports, that tested iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus along with HTC, Samsung and LG. The report concludes that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are not as much prone to bending as it is being shown to be. The iPhone 6 Plus, which is more robust of the two versions came apart when a force of 110 pounds was applied with the deformation starting with 90 pounds force.

Whether or not the claims are worth being taken into cognizance is a call that Apple has to take to counter the controversy that threatens to question the integrity of Apple’s undisputed reputation in design and manufacturing. They will have to make the product predictable from the user’s perspective keeping in mind the freewheeling user behavior that can put the phone to tests, perhaps more severe that those conducted by Apple in their lab.

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