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Be Ready to Produce the Next OkCupid or Tinder and win the Heat of Millions

Daiting Mobile App Development like Tinder and OkCupid

Like everything else, our love problems also transported to mobile platforms. Yes, we are talking about dating apps. Suddenly dating apps represent huge engagement for teens and grownups just because they made it easier to find your dates as per your search, whether location-wise or in respect of personal attributes.

The untapped potential and your opportunity

Do you know online dating industry as of 2015 is worth a whopping $2.2 billion? Do you know more than 15% of American adults use dating apps and this translates to a whopping 40 million people? Lastly, know that in a span of fewer than two years the net worth of online dating industry has been doubled. Much of this growth has been achieved thanks to an array of mobile dating apps development. All these statistics make this quite imperative that online dating apps will continue and offer lucrative scope for many apps in the time to come.

A Tinder or OkCupid is not the end of the road as the potential and scope of growth is still untapped to a great extent. So, producing a great dating app with an innovative concept, rich features, and rewarding interface can really be a lucrative business proposition, right? Moreover, building an innovative dating app is not a costly affair anymore. But obviously, you need to consider a few things. Most important of all, you need to know about the ground reality.

The mindset behind dating apps

What makes dating apps so favorite of people across diverse age brackets? You need to know the mindset that engages people with such apps to find a relationship, company or sensual acquaintance. There is a common thinking that says we indulge into these apps because we are alienated from our regular social circles and so find these platforms helpful to get the freedom from loneliness. Well, this can be true for some individuals but as a whole, the social alienation alone cannot be held responsible for the increasing popularity of dating apps.

You should rather think of the huge convenience that such apps provide to an individual in approaching another person of his or her choice. Let us have a look at the various convenient attributes associated with dating apps.

  • First of all, a user can be assured that his approach to other users on the platform is very legitimate and mutually agreed since all are using the platform for the same purpose. At least, you are not approaching someone least interested in dating.
  • It is a convenience that you can browse, select your choice as per location and your preferred attributes and connect without any complication whatsoever.
  • Most dating apps offering the edge of real-time status sharing can let you know who is online and when to connect.
  • Thanks to the ease of showing and sharing your digital portfolio and status you can impress the other person in more ways than one. Interesting images showcasing your moods, your taste, your society and even your physical aspects all can be done through just a single window.

Different types of dating apps

Over the years, we have come across several types of dating apps ranging from the location based match finders to apps with a matching algorithm to all those apps offering similar interfaces like dating websites to niche apps redefining the dating in their own way. If you look forward to tapping into the business opportunity with a dating app, you need to know how each of these types of apps works.

  • Dating apps with the location-based matching of profiles let people connect their matches on the basis of proximity of their location. Tinder typically works in this way.
  • Certain dating apps offer matching profiles based on the personal information of the profiles. eHarmony is an app of this category.
  • So-called dating websites offering their service with a refurbished mobile app are popular because of their erstwhile user base and new mobile optimized look and feel. OKCupid is such an app.
  • There are dating apps that typically cater to a niche audience with particular preference. Some of these niche apps are only for women, while some are built for only selected elite with advanced degrees and professional standing. Grade and Antidate can be named as woman only apps while The League is for educated professionals. There are also others like dating app for adventure travelers and even some funny one like Bristlr which is for bearded people and the people who like stroking beards.

From the above-mentioned description of different types of dating apps including the emerging peculiar and niche ones, it is clear that you can come up with any innovative concept of dating or at least a new interface to look appealing either to a niche audience or grab the share of the mainstream. In either way, just by perfecting the basics and offering the unique things you can grab a slice of the multi-billion dollar cake of dating app.

Is making money with dating app is a tough proposition?

In spite of the huge potential of dating apps, making money with dating apps is not always easy until you can really prove your worth or make a solid user base using your app day in and day out.  Well, before we get into the stumbling blocks of making revenue with dating app let us have a look at the various avenues of revenue.

  • The subscription fee is not a good way to earn revenue since most dating apps are free and few besides offering free version also have provision for subscribing the premium version with more features and functionalities.
  • Advertisement of other businesses by selling space can only fetch you good revenue when you have a steady user base and a recognized brand.
  • In-app purchase can fetch you revenue when users buy currency, icons, emojis, smileys, etc.
  • Premium version offering additional features against a fee can be a good way to earn revenue as long as you have enough users for the upgraded version.

As dating apps need continuous ebb and flow of users, maintaining growth and engagement can really be challenging. This is why dating apps must ensure a very unique and truly rewarding user experience focused on providing maximum ease and optimum results for their search of dates.

Some time-tested tactics for your next dating app?

Certain tricks and tactics remain valid because of the success stories they produced. Well, for your next dating apps you can incorporate a mix of the below-mentioned ways to allow users finding perfect matches.

  • User survey based algorithm: This is based on the user information, preferences, and searches.
  • An array of filters based on location, age, complexion, height, nationality, hair color, personal preferences, food choices, sexual preferences, habits like smoking, drinking, spoken language, qualification, profession, etc. can be created to allow coming to the perfect match based on filtered choices.
  • By allowing partial anonymity your dating app can guarantee credibility to the profiles while saving the face of many others who are shy about disclosing their personal details.
  • By offering gamification features focused on rewarding users based on their activities and engagement can actually help popularizing the app.

Every big opportunity comes with a grave challenge and dating apps are no different in that respect. But following the time-tested rules to the perfection and over and above coming with a unique tinge in concept or design can produce another success story, if not as big as the next Tinder.

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