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7 Golden Rules for Successful Android Application Development

With the fast development of Android, it is significant to think about the performance about the application. A best performing application is supposed to be completely error free. To take care that Android developers are capable to check their application before opening it, Android SDK also possess number of tools for restore the word class that can be easily find out difficulty in Android applications. It is strongly advocated that you optimize the performance of your application for improved battery life.


Have a look on few golden rules to effective – Android application development

  • It is better to avoid other things that are compulsory for your application. Lots of new android developer normally ignore such things associated with your application and end up in completely ruined.
  • Do not create anything that has no meaning but you should put efforts to create meaningful. When Android application development is completely meaningless it would be disastrous and will not be capable to astonish its users.
  • It is better to avoid virtual method calls while using C / C ++ as it’s a good suggestion to use getter or setter methods instead of directly accessing the fields to use. For android app development, virtual methods are not supposed ideal. They are ideal to use to the public instead of limited class.
  • It is better to reduce the layout complexity and keep everything easy. It is known as best idea in order to make sure about the success of a project related to Android application development.
  • It is better to go for integer instead of floating. When speed is considered, there is no difference between integers and floating/but floating demand for two times more space as compared to integer.
  • It is better to go for Relative Layout or Grid Layout in order to create a simple layout as it will surely helps in boosting the performance of your application in Android. Try to follow up an index of the file to optimize queries for your claim.
  • It is supposed to be ideal to follow up a precompiled SQL statement or careers that are frequently used by anyone. It is even better to try the native approaches if they are required.
  • So we have gone through on a number of significant guidelines or recommendations comprised in this article to assist Android application developer in their Android application development job so as to make optimized applications.

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