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It is Time Your Restaurant should have an App! Consider These 10 Reasons

Even while dining out the gazes of people often remain glued to their handheld devices. If you are in the restaurant business you are not unfamiliar with this common specter. But what about offering your customers a mobile-friendly way to order foods or book a seat or just enquire about the menu? Well, a mobile app can allow your customers doing all these and much more. Moreover, internally mobile apps for the restaurant can facilitate seamless coordination among the service staff, management, and chefs. Are you still not sure whether a mobile app can add value to your business process? Let us explain you 10 most viable reasons to go for a restaurant app.

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Here is 10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

1. Browsing restaurant menu

You do not wish to get in an eatery only to find a menu devoid of your favorite dishes, right? And while ordering over the phone often the busy person at the counter forces you to name an item in haste. What about seeing the menu of your preferred restaurant right on your handheld device screen? Wouldn’t it be nice to select your dishes while heading for a restaurant? A restaurant app just allows this ease to customers.

2. Online reservation

A popular restaurant is likely to be crowded and at pick hours you often need to stand in a queue to get seats. Naturally, an advance booking facility over the web would delight the customers. On the other hand, thanks to advance booking restaurant will gain higher occupancy rate and sales. An app can literally fill your seats and make people avoid standing in a queue.

3. Online orders and delivery

A restaurant app particularly comes as handy when we need to order foods for doorstep delivery. You browse the menu, select your foods and order from the same interface. Just with a few taps on your device screen, you get your delicious dishes delivered at doorstep while the restaurant practically doubles the sales through online orders.

4. Connecting target customers

Is your restaurant located near a university campus or is it near a tourist hotspot? In both cases, you can target a certain type of customers. Having your own restaurant app you can promote it and run a campaign on social media to connect the target customers. By targeting travelers visiting your city you can provide them a solid reason to dine in your restaurant.

5. Smooth operation and business process

A mobile app for a restaurant not just boosts sales and makes your delicacies more available, they equally add value to your internal business process. Thanks to the role of the mobile app as the single digital window to cater to all outside orders and bookings, the operation gets smooth. You always can be ready with the resources to deal with the orders. An app just allows you to keep a tap on all things very systematically.

6. Robust scope of marketing

A mobile app is a way to make a solid digital footprint for your business. With an app backing your business you have social business pages reaching more people than you ever expected indoor. Moreover, these days, people make their buying decisions often based on social reviews. Before going on a tour we often come across suggestions of eateries from our social friends, right? Well, besides this word-of-mouth marketing, you always have scopes of running promotional campaigns but without a digital presence aka mobile app, such campaign will not be loud enough to catch attention.

7. Quality assurance

When your restaurant remains visible and accessible to local customers, your quality of foods and service are not evaluated. You may serve the same old preparation to your customers for years just because you never knew to make it better or give it a new twist. A mobile app by allowing you to reach a rich variety of customers and connoisseurs helps to elevate your standard in every possible way. With an app your so-called, a local restaurant can practically become global.

8. Becoming a hotspot

Some restaurants quickly gain a reputation among tourists and hip crowds just because of getting highly praised reviews in some influential websites or by reviewers. A five-star rating given by a reputed travel website can make a restaurant famous literally overnight. But to get reviewed to remain discoverable you need to have a cool mobile app.

9. Gaining customer loyalty

Foods are all about personal taste. Naturally, we give indulgence to particular eateries for their specialties. In this way, I have my favorite restaurants and you have your own. For a restaurant these loyal customers are special and they can always enhance their brand value staying connected to them. Well, a restaurant app grabbing the device screen can make this bond stronger and gain more loyalty.

10. Contextual promotion

Finally, localization technologies like Beacons and mobile device sensors opened a new vista of opportunity for restaurants. With active Beacons, your app can easily know the nearby location of your customer and accordingly can send him or her push notifications with some promotional offers. If you have a regular pool of customers who uses your app, they can be lured with such contextual promotion whenever they come nearby.

Are you thinking to develop mobile application for your restaurant business? Talk to our mobile app development team.

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